At the Project on Family Homelessness, we work with advocacy partners across the region to help tell the stories of families who are homeless, and connect those stories to meaningful action. Take a look at some of our most recent projects — we hope you’ll find some fresh ideas for how you can work with us to make homelessness among families rare, brief, and one time only.

All Home Infographic

An infographic displaying data on the state of homelessness in our community… Continue reading All Home Infographic

American Refugees

Four animated short films about real families, homelessness, and resilience.… Continue reading American Refugees

Poverty and Toxic Stress in Children

The workshop, designed and instructed by our very own Perry Firth — took place on Aug. 11 on the SU campus — is designed for school professionals, social workers, counselors, nonprofit employees, housing authority staff and others who work with schoolchildren.

Streetwise: Revisited

Continue reading Streetwise: Revisited

The Moth, Home: Lost and Found

Stories of homelessness told live.… Continue reading The Moth, Home: Lost and Found

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